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Malone Rose Marketing

If you want to learn more about us, you're in the right place. Read on to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Our Story

At Malone Rose Marketing, we don’t simply market companies, build websites and run great digital marketing campaigns. We’re innovative, we build and help companies work at their full potential.

Founded in 2018 by Steven Malone and Naomi Ambrose. Malone Rose Marketing is based in the UK and seeks to bridge the gap between in house and remote agency marketing.

We offer the best of both worlds, an external team that will periodically come to your business and work in house if required! Our services are vast and cover all aspects of marketing.

Our Team

Steven Malone

Naomi Ambrose

Give Steven an idea and a set or software packages and you’ll have a creative marketing campaign up and running in no time.

Steven is passionate about brand development and the importance of creating innovative content to truly benefit the client.​ 

A self confessed geek of modern culture, you’ll normally find him at the cinema during any movie event of the year, or having his weekly casual rant over Twitter concerning the tactics used during an Everton game.

Strategy and Planning. Naomi loves nothing more than to work with numbers. She enjoys creating the perfect marketing strategy and executing it to perfection.

Previously studied Psychology at the University of Liverpool, she found human interaction with various marketing strategies interesting. This has led her into a career in marketing.

Specialising in client communications, you’ll often see her with a big smile on her face, darting from one location to another ensuring all client’s needs are fulfilled.